The doingXpedition – Sailing North 2014 – aims to extend horizons for both, the traveler as well as the visited.

Sailing is the most economical way to travel long distance. It is a statement towards our nature and zero CO2 is a goal for the journey. Mostly alone during the trip, called single handed, adds another taste to the adventure. Decision will take direct effect and there is only one being responsible. When, where and how to travel?

The undertaking is named doingXpedition (dxp), as for doing x, the unexpected and unbelievable as well as for expedition, discovering the unknown and the openness towards new experiences. The boat is the “Fleur d’Ocean”, a 37 feet sailing yacht build in 2007.

The journey brings me and my boat to various locations, more or less remote or exiting other. Engaging with local environment and people to promote that the world is globally interactive and depending on each of us. Starting (April) in Hendaye, France, close to the Spanish boarder on the Atlantic coast, the cruise will point to the north. Anticlockwise round England towards Scotland (May), discovering the Orkney and Shetlands Islands (June). The great nature of the Hebrides (July) is likely the highlight of the undertaking. Further on through the Irish Sea, passing the Isle of Man, down to the French Atlantic coast, cruising along the nice beaches and islands. Rounding Spain and following the Portuguese coast right to the Strait of Gibraltar (August) and into the Mediterranean Sea. Beaches and Island of Baleares, Sicily, Sardinia and Corse with the final destination near Pisa, Italy (October).

Appealing to those supporters that associate themselves with adventure, sports, ecology and exploration I am offering you (or your company) to participate on the great undertaking. Take the chance to add your name to the growing List of sponsors on the doingXploration web page, get named in the publications, get a personal news from the world, get a individual picture, get a accessories or get time on the boat. Take dxp to support your company, your campaign or to get yourself involved just for your own interest.

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